Pro Inno II Project NIMS

In october 2007 4FO AG and the University of Leipzig are awarded the contract in favour of a research and development project called Pro Inno II by Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie, BMWi). The aim of the project is the development of Novel Interactive Multimedia Search techniques (NIMS).

Abstract of the project proposal:

Existing technologies for automatic semantic text analysis at the University of Leipzig (department Natural Language Processing NLP, in charge of Prof. Heyer) form the basis of the project. Music meta data are gathered by a web crawler from generally accessible sources and transfered to a music-related text corpus after a text analysis. This corpus helps to answer queries which are interpretable in a semantic and thematic way. For example: "Which bands are similar to the band Tangerine Dream?". Additionally, more attributes (e. g. the style of music) can be matched automatically. A Web service delivers the results to the calling client.
The second part of the project is an interactive interface for modern web browsers. After an initial request (e. g. the name of the band Tangerine Dream) a navigable (simplified) graph will be displayed. If the user moves from one node (the name of the band) to the next, further requests will be generated that change the displayed graph dynamically and let it grow. This way users can generate their own music map comprising their favourite artists.

A prototypic implementation of the projects can be called here.

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