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Our versatile AI assistant AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Versatile Assistant) offers you a wide range of possible applications. Similar to ChatGPT, you can use it to hold productive conversations and answer complex questions. The key advantage is that it runs locally and is therefore hosted on-premise on your own systems.

Funktionen & Features

Thanks to artificial intelligence, AIVA is able to have human-like conversations. Interact with her as if you were using a messenger service. It provides information, explains topics, creates advertising texts, processes support requests and much more.

With access to company databases, employees anywhere in the world can ask questions about all available data records and search specifically for answers. AIVA immediately provides both the appropriate answer and the corresponding source.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to extract information from extensive documents in the shortest possible time. It is possible to search for specific information or generate a summary of the entire document content.

A variety of 20 different languages are supported. Internal company texts can be translated without sensitive data leaving the company.

Simply describe your program in words and AIVA will deliver the appropriate code. This AI is capable of efficiently optimizing, revising or streamlining existing code. All information exchanged remains securely within the boundaries of your company.

Describe the image you envision in your own words. Thanks to its advanced AI technology, AIVA captures the intention of your description and creates impressive images for a wide range of applications, such as advertising materials and concept drawings.


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