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Salesforce is your experienced and reliable partner in the Salesforce domain. With our extensive experience collaborating with Salesforce and our expertise in migrating and implementing Intershop on Salesforce, we stay abreast of the latest developments and technologies. This close collaboration allows us to develop tailored solutions precisely suited to your individual requirements. Contact us to discover how we can together maximize the possibilities of Salesforce for your business.

Salesforce: An Overview of Your Keys to Success

Discover how Salesforce optimizes your sales processes while enabling top-notch customer service. The sales process automation revolutionizes your revenue generation, while Salesforce’s Service Cloud ensures excellent customer care. Efficient case management, self-service options, and real-time communication are the cornerstones for satisfied customers and long-term relationships. Explore how these features can take your business to the next level.

A comprehensive analysis of your customers helps you gain a deeper understanding of their needs and behavior, allowing you to approach them effectively. Salesforce enables you to aggregate and manage all relevant customer data in one central location. This provides you with a holistic perspective on your clientele, facilitating the creation of tailored offerings and a prompt response to their needs.

The introduction of efficient processes can be expected to enhance the performance of your operations. With Salesforce, you have the capability to automate the entire sales cycle up to contract closure. This intelligent linkage of interactions and data aims to improve efficiency and can lead to positive long-term operational outcomes.

Salesforce’s Service Cloud offers outstanding real-time support, allowing you to optimize your customer service at the highest level. Benefit from highly efficient case management, diverse self-service options, and seamless real-time communication. This integrated functionality ensures not only customer satisfaction but also fosters a long-lasting and strong connection to your business that goes beyond mere transactions.

Utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides you with the ability to create and manage targeted marketing campaigns effectively. Through the automation of marketing processes, you can precisely target your customers, thereby significantly increasing the conversion rate.

To make data-driven decisions, Salesforce provides powerful analytics tools that allow you to extract valuable insights from your data. You can rely on meaningful reports and dashboards to make informed decisions and actively contribute to the growth of your business.

Get intelligent support for your business by leveraging AI and automation in Salesforce, allowing you to focus on recurring tasks. The integration of intelligent data analysis enables you to operate faster and more efficiently, gaining valuable insights that optimize your business processes.

Customer References

Discover how our customers have benefited from our expertise and solutions in the Salesforce domain. We have successfully implemented numerous projects for companies in various industries, helping them overcome their business challenges.
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At, the focus is on the unique shopping experience for our customers. This is significantly facilitated through our close collaboration with Internet Technologies AG, who assist us in developing a custom-tailored online shop based on Salesforce. By combining Salesforce with the specialized services of, we can present a broad and diverse range that goes beyond traditional fabrics, including accessories and customized solutions for our customers. All these aspects are seamlessly integrated into our ordering process to meet the needs of our customers to the fullest.

Our Dedicated Partnership with Salesforce: Your Key to E-commerce Success

Our partnership with Salesforce is the crucial lever for the success of your e-commerce business. Together, we go far beyond the typical customer-provider relationship. We are committed and fully dedicated to the success of your online shop. Here are some specific benefits that arise from our close collaboration with Salesforce for your operation:

Tailored Customer Engagement

Thanks to the comprehensive customer platform of Salesforce, we can develop personalized offers and recommendations for your customers. With detailed insights into customer behavior, we create a shopping experience tailored precisely to the needs and preferences of your target audience.

Efficient Customer Data Management

Salesforce provides us with advanced tools for efficient customer data management. We can ensure that every step in your e-commerce processes runs smoothly. This not only translates to higher efficiency but also a more precise handling of individual customer needs.

Automation of Sales Processes

By implementing automation solutions in your sales processes, we aim to optimize your business operations. This enables smoother and more efficient handling of sales activities. By reducing manual tasks and automating repetitive processes, we create space for your teams to focus on strategic activities.

Increased Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Our partnership with Salesforce enables us to provide top-notch customer care. Through personalized engagement and targeted support, we not only enhance customer satisfaction but also create enthusiastic ambassadors for your online shop. The result: Long-term customer relationships based on trust and quality.

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Our Strengths and Advantages: Why is the Right Choice

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Tailored Solutions

Every business is unique and has specific requirements. Our experts understand this and develop customized Salesforce solutions that align precisely with your needs. We analyze your business processes thoroughly and design solutions that seamlessly integrate into your workflows.

Langjährige Erfahrung

Years of Experience

With years of experience in the Salesforce domain, we possess profound knowledge and proven methods to ensure your success. Our team has successfully executed numerous projects, demonstrating our expertise in taking your business to the next level.

Umfassender Support

Comprehensive Support

Our dedicated support team is always here for you, ready to answer any questions and address your concerns. We understand the critical nature of a smooth operation for your Salesforce system. Hence, we are available at all times to ensure your requirements are consistently met.

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