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The SPEAKER project

4FO as associated partner of the SPEAKER project

The research and development project SPEAKER aims to develop a German language assistance solution that will support German industry and business with regard to data sovereignty. The main objective is to better protect personal data and exchange it securely.

The Fraunhofer IIS as well as the Fraunhofer IAIS are the initiators of the project, the 4FO AG acts in this project as associated partner.

With the SPEAKER project as a voice assistance platform with the seal “Made in Germany” it is above all possible to implement the European standards of data security. The goal of the SPEAKER project is to provide an open as well as transparent and secure voice assistance application. To achieve this, leading technologies in audio processing, speech recognition, natural language understanding, question answering, dialogue management and speech systems through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning must be made available for easy use.

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