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boombazoo – create your own event

Development of the new live event plattform boombazoo

Especially in the times of a pandemic, various companies and businesses can no longer go about their daily business. A shift from (physical) offline events to online events is a necessary reaction. Zhis is where 4FO an our partners come in. With the boombazoo app we jointly contribute to the digitalization of the event industry.

boombazoo is a live event platform in which performers can plan and create their events in advance. Users who want to participate in a stream can add themselves to the guest list. This automatically saves the event in the user’s event calendar.

During an event, participants can interact with others using the chat. In addition, they can also turn on the camera and share the stage with the performer.

However, boombazoo not only provides a streaming platform, but also combines it with the idea of a social network. Thus, users of the app have the opportunity to get to know each other and network through various channels before, during and after an event.

For performers, boombazoo additionally offers the possibility to generate revenue by selling tickets for an online event.

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