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Virtual performance show elmug4you

Virtual performance show elmug4you

In cooperation with ELMUG eG, Internet Technologies AG set up a virtual exhibition “elmug4you” from 04.04.2022 to 08.08.2022. The aim was to make as many contacts as possible and generate orders.
Via a virtual exhibition stand, customers – or potential customers – could inform themselves online about offers and innovations of all companies. The visitors were not bound by time and place. We configured the exhibition in such a way that each stand could be visited by an unlimited number of interested parties.
At the end of the exhibition, each stand received a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of its visits from us.
The virtual exhibition “elmug4you” was marketed by the network and its members. AG placed online advertising on various social media platforms (LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, …) and websites for the marketing campaign.

Steering through the hall

We deliberately kept the steering through the exhibition hall simple. An interested person only needed a keyboard or a mouse to move freely in the room:
Visitors could move forwards with the UP arrow key – backwards with the DOWN arrow key. The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys turned the viewing angle to the left and right respectively.
Visiting the exhibition was also very easy via mouse control. An interested person only had to hold down the left mouse button to turn around. Or he moved in the direction of the mouse pointer via individual clicks.

Calling up brochures, trade fair promotions, welcome texts and videos

The exhibitors could choose between different exhibition stands:
The simple stand included a poster board, a brochure display and an action roll-up.
The larger stand was additionally equipped with a monitor and loudspeakers that played the product or company videos or audio files selected by the participating company when clicked.

The brochure display contained between one and three different brochures.
By clicking on the brochures, visitors could find out about the products, services or the exhibiting company itself.
Clicking on the action roll-up then took the interested person directly to the corresponding trade fair action website of the company.
If a visitor clicked on the company logo, he was directed to the exhibitor’s homepage.


The used Amazon Webservices technologies to provide the exhibition hall, individual booths and associated media files in a common web browser (using HTML5).
Babylon.js was the Javascript library and 3D engine that enabled the 3D graphics to be rendered in real time and displayed in the browser.
The individual users could be authenticated and managed without a password using Amazon Cognito and Amazon Lamda.

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