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B2B Online Shop for Gebrüder LIMMERT

About Gebrüder LIMMERT

The company was founded in 1924 as the Gebrüder LIMMERT OHG in Salzburg and developed over the years into the Gebrüder LIMMERT AG. In the meantime, the company is one of the largest private electrical wholesalers in Austria.

With 160 employees, LIMMERT achieves annual sales of about 70 million euros. On 12,700 m2, the company stores over 25,000 products, which are always available for delivery. More than 1.3 million electrical and electronic products can be ordered in their online store.

However, on the website of the Gebrüder LIMMERT AG you will not only find products, but also various information on the latest developments and innovations. For example, the competence area ‘Photovoltaics’ contains a wide variety of information – from consulting, over the planning, to the implementation of the systems on site.

In addition, the Gebrüder LIMMERT AG is involved in the Klimabü, whereby many of its measures already go far beyond the legal requirements.


The aim was to modernize the online store, especially with the keyword Responsive Design. The B2B web store was to be served not only by means of the computer, but also equally by tablet or smartphone. In addition, an application for mobile devices was to be developed as well as general individual features.


4FO AG redesigned the online store for the Gebrüder LIMMERT AG based on Intershop 7 B2X, whereby individual features were implemented especially for the company. The online store is hosted and managed by the 4F0 AG at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the data center in Frankfurt.


Since September 1st, 2017, the new online store with over 1.3 million products has been accessible to all customers. It is now faster, overseeable and more user-friendly. In the course of this, the entire homepage ( was also replaced.

The extensive functionality of the SHCware enterprise resource planning system was integrated accordingly, so that the SHC order management, the entry of new products and the individual return management of the Gebrüder LIMMERT AG can be operated directly in the customer’s account area.
However, the user interface of the web store now includes not only the display and management of orders, offers, credit notes, invoices and backorders, but also the display of individual prices for each customer and the calculation of various product-specific surcharges, such as the copper and cutting surcharge for cables.
Another result of our work is that customers can now directly enter and edit articles in the product catalog that were previously not available. The direct connection to SHCware guarantees the customer that the invoicing of the articles remains transparent.
The Gebrüder LIMMERT AG now also has the option of creating additional sub-accounts with specially assigned rights for each customer.
Theme worlds can now be created and presented on the website so that the advertised articles can be ordered directly from the site.
Additional content from Oxomi was also integrated directly into the product detail pages. This includes for example catalog pages for the product, videos, additional images, detailed product descriptions or access to all catalogs of the represented manufacturers.
Using the application, which we created for iOS and Android, it is now not only possible to access all functions of the online store, but the customer can now also order the recorded items directly in the web store by scanning barcodes.

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